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CLICK HERE for more program information.

CLICK HERE for more program information.

Care from the Heart, the northwest valley’s premier choice for non-medical home care for more than 32 years is thrilled to announce that they have been approved by the State of Arizona to begin a new Assisted Living Caregiver Training Program.

This 104 hour course covers topics ranging from Basic Caregiver Skills and Medication Management to Caring for the Cognitively Impaired and Fire & Safety Preparedness. After passing tests in all 14 of the modules to successfully complete the class, the student then takes an independently proctored examination to obtain their certificate.

This program is designed for Assisted Living Facilities and Homes (homes are classified as buildings with ten or fewer residents), but also prepares them nicely for providing in home care. More and more home care agencies are coming to the realization that the best caregivers are certified and are finally requiring the same level of training that Care from the Heart has for many years.

Our instructor has been an LPN in the State of Arizona for more than 20 years and has also served as an Executive Director for Assisted Living Facilities in the community. She has a passion for helping those who want to pursue a career in caregiving receive the best training they can get. While you can teach just about anyone the basic steps and mechanics of a caregiver, the best caregivers understand how to care for the entire person, not just their ailment.

Our classes will be small, normally allowing only 8 people each session, which will allow for more one on one instruction and create a better pace and atmosphere to successfully learn and retain the vital information they will need in the field.

The best care is provided by the best caregivers, and the best caregivers start with the right heart and the best training. What better place to start than the Caregiver Training Program at Care from the Heart.

Visit our Caregiver Training Program page for more information.