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It’s the time of year where we focus on the things we are thankful for despite any challenges we face. It’s an opportunity for us to realize that we daily have countless things we can be thankful for and just have to commit more of our thoughts on those things frequently taken for granted. At Care from the Heart we have an extra item to be thankful for and it is a huge one.


The building we had been in for over 11 years became a very challenging situation in the last 18 months. We tried every way possible to resolve the problem and ultimately realized it was simply not going to happen. We had spent 35 years located in Sun City and we had to think seriously about the idea of leaving the city.

As we had been looking to see what options were out there, we stumbled across a newly renovated building merely 3 miles west of the location everyone was familiar with. We were able to work out details very quickly and within a week we were able to secure the new office, arrange for all of the aspects of moving and be set up in our new location.

12133 W. BELL RD #103

We are just barely into Surprise, east of El Mirage Blvd and just west of the river bottom bridge as you pass the sign welcoming you to Surprise on the south side of Bell Rd. When you look at our service area and our client locations, this location actually places us fairly close to the center of our service area.

We will have new signage up soon and invite you to come by and see how lovely the new office is. It’s a reminder that sometimes tumultuous situations produce ideal results. Add this to the many reasons we will be saying HAPPY THANKSGIVING!