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Staying warm in the winter is about more than just comfort. By keeping your home and body well-defended against the cold, you’ll also save on heating costs. And even though being cold doesn’t make you sick by itself, being cold can contribute to an inhibited immune system. Follow these tips to stay warm and toasty this winter.

Block Drafty Windows and Doors

Can you see light coming through your door? If so, then cold air is getting in. Replacing your door with a storm door is a good option for keeping heat in and cool air out, though it is an investment. Having a strong door will save in heating costs in the long run. If a new door isn’t in your future, get something to block the drafty areas. There are many products out there made to seal the edges of your door. You can even make your own by cutting off old shirt sleeves, filling them with rice or dried beans and putting it along the bottom of your door. It’s a simple defense, but it’ll help quite a bit. Make sure your windows are closed tightly, and use plastic sheeting if your windows are still drafty.

Dress Warm

Dressing warm is obvious when headed outside, but don’t forget to layer up while inside too when the weather’s cool. Wear multiple layers, and keep your socks on to keep your whole body warm. Wear sweaters, and climb under blankets when necessary. Keep small blankets around the house, near couches and other seating areas, so you’re always prepared. Staying warm with clothes and blankets is a cheap and easy way to keep cozy.

Avoid or Cover Up Inevitable Drafts

When you have no other way to fix a draft, then do what you can to avoid it or cover it up. Figure out how to situate your furniture so that you’re not getting a cool breeze in your face. Small space heaters are also useful for drafty rooms that can’t otherwise be warmed up. Just remember to get a heater that has a timer on it for safety reasons. Ceiling fans can often spin the other direction to push warm air, which rises, back down, keeping the heat where you are.

Staying warm in the winter is important to stay healthy, comfortable and to save money. Keep these strategies in mind when warming up your home, and you’ll ensure warmth is easy to come by.