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How to Choose a Homecare Agency

After long talks with your family, you have made the decision that some help in the home is the right decision. Now comes the next challenge, how do I choose which company to use?

Choosing the right company for home care in the Sun City area is truly part art and part science. It is important that you have a good feel for the people you talk with, and that their idea of care is in line with what you are looking for your family, but there are some specific things you should know when comparing companies.


How long has the company been providing home care in Sun City? It’s okay to try out a new restaurant, a new department or grocery store, but do you really want to trust the care of your loved ones to an organization that doesn’t have a proven track record? Care from the Heart has been providing caregivers in Sun City for more than 36 years now. We are the longest running family owned non-medical in-home care provider in the Northwest Valley.


The only constant in health care is change. You shouldn’t have to commit to any length of time when there’s no way you can say what will happen tomorrow. A company worthy of hiring knows they should earn your business every shift. The same idea applies to deposits. Paying for services not provided makes no sense, and firmly established companies should have the financial strength to eliminate the need for deposits. At Care from the Heart, we have no deposits or contracts, and we never will.


While many companies in this industry have opted to use 1099 contractors as their caregivers for some years now, they have also had agreements that require you to hold the caregiver responsible for anything that may go wrong and have used this as an excuse to hire anyone with no regard to their background.  At Care from the Heart, we use 1099 contractors, but we still maintain Liability Insurance, Worker Compensation Insurance and Criminal Bonding to protect you from any accident that might occur.  We also still maintain the expectations for qualifications and background checks for all caregivers considered for your care.  This ensures that we maintain the best, most reputable caregivers available for your care, safety and protection.


What is the minimum shift you can have with a company? If you are only looking for help a couple times a week with bathing assistance, you won’t need four hours each shift. What if you need just help overnight or on the weekends? A caregiver at night or on the weekend performs the same tasks as those who work during the day and during the week, so you shouldn’t have to pay more. At Care from the Heart, we charge the same for days, nights and weekends (with the exception of Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Day, and New Year’s Eve). Our costs also cover everything we do, from companionship to incontinence care and medication reminders.


Your loved ones are your most valuable asset. They deserve the best, most reliable help they can get. Care from the Heart has spent over 36 years providing exactly that. You can find less expensive companies, and you can find companies that will tell you they’ll do anything you ask to get you to sign up. Our services are very specific. We do what we do better than anyone out there, period. If you want to see if Care from the Heart is the right choice for you, contact us and we’ll be glad to help you with a free, no obligations assessment.

Use our Checklist to help you decide which In-Home Care Provider to use.

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In-Home Care Provider Checklist

Use our Checklist to help you decide which In-Home Care Provider to use.
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