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The importance of safety for a senior living at home cannot be overemphasized. It is often the “little things” that create an unsafe environment with potentially disastrous results. To help assess the safety of your home or of that of a loved one, it is recommended that a professional assess the living environment to make sure that nothing is overlooked. In the meantime, below is a partial list of areas to look at and potentially modify.

As we’ve mentioned in another recent blog post, falls are a common source of injury for seniors. It is important that throw rugs are not used as they are easy to trip on. Any other types of rugs should be secured to the flooring with no exposed edges that could pose a tripping hazard. Any type of clutter should be removed and wires safely tucked away and secured.

Preparing a plan for emergency situations is essential, including using a personal medical emergency monitoring system and making sure the telephone can easily be used if the senior has any difficulty with vision or cognitive functioning.

Adequate lighting is important for the nighttime, whether it be night lights or lights within easy reach. Darkness can lead to disorientation and imbalance, so adequate nighttime lighting is essential.

Multiple modifications can be made to the bathroom to increase the ease and safety of a senior’s daily activities. Possible areas to modify include: adding hand grips beside the toilet, as well as in the shower/bathtub. Bathing may be an area that assistance from a caregiver would be beneficial.

Within the kitchen, clear out any food in the pantry that has expired. It is recommended that the refrigerator is also regularly checked for expired food and it is disposed of.

While this is a partial list, it is important to have a complete home safety assessment to keep seniors safe. During our initial home visit we provide an in-home safety assessment to identify and eliminate any issues. Whether help with bathing or other assistance with daily activities, consider Care from the Heart. We’ve been providing quality, compassionate and affordable non-medical in home care and caregivers in Sun City and the surrounding area for over 25 years. For a free assessment call us at 623-875-4440.