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Gratefully, Beverly M.
Dear Care from the Heart,

When my sister recommended I get help in the home for my husband, I was resistant. There were already so many people coming in and out and I didn’t want to cause him any more discomfort.

But to my surprise, your caregiver got him to respond more than anyone else who came in. Her kindness and warmth seemed to truly impact him. Having her there in his last weeks was such a blessing.

Thank you so much for having such wonderful people.

Sincerely, Vivian K.
Dear Care from the Heart,

It was with genuine regret that I told my caregiver I wouldn’t be needing any further help. I am feeling so good again after a year of poor health.

Your caregivers lifted my spirits, encouraged me and took a load off of my shoulders with the help around the house. I continue to receive blood treatments and chemo, but my appetite has returned, my ambition to to my work as increased and a new positive attitude is definitely helping.

I’ll not forget Care from the Heart, and if I require assistance again as time passes, believe me, I shall call you.

Catherine B
Dear Stephanie & Staff,

Thank you so much for taking care of my mom in the last few weeks of her life. Your kindness and compassion was such a blessing in such a difficult time.

Mom was incredibly fond of her caregiver, and we are very appreciative for that.

May God bless all your future endeavors.

Fondly, Rachel G
Dear Linda,

Can you believe it, Linda, it feels like Care From The Heart has become a part of our family and helped us daily for more than four years!

Before my husband passed on, you and your team were wonderful, driving us to doctor appointments, doing light housework, laundry, cleaning, shopping, giving me a needed break so I could get some sleep (not to mention peace of mind!), and then towards the end, having nurses available to care for my husband at home with dignity, on call (flexibly), and at a reasonable cost.

Boswell Hospital nursing staff told us about your group when my husband was being sent home from a critical illness. More people should know how caring and professional your organization is and that Care From The Heart exists.  You were — and are — a godsend.  We were so lucky to have been given your name and number. Bless you.

Thanks again for all you have done for us.

Sincerely, Ruby G
Dear Linda,

I am writing to tell you how much I appreciated the help and encouragement I received from your caregiver Joan, after I arrived home from my surgery.

Joan was always prompt, arriving here each morning with a friendly smile, ready to do whatever I needed done and more. Some mornings Joan arrived to find me feeling a bit sorry for myself, but in no time she found the right words to cheer me up and I ended up having a good day.

I found that I really missed Joan when it was time for me to care for myself. Thank you for having such a well run business.

Very Truly Yours, Stuart G
Dear Linda,

My sister and I thank you for your care and concern in taking care of our parents over the years.  Since Dad passed away, your care for Mom was particularly important, and after she fell and broke her hip last fall, that was even more the case. We and Mom appreciate your faithfulness and loyalty, and especially the personal attention and interest you took in her.

We have complete confidence in you and in the caregivers who work for you.

It is our experience that there is a lot more to effective caregiving than the various tasks, such as meals, laundry and cleaning, hygiene, etc.  The things that make the real difference are empathy, humor and a genuine interest in the person being cared for.

These attributes are natural to you and they are universally present in each person who works for you.

We are thankful that we and Mom and Dad have had the privilege of knowing you and of having your help.

Please feel free to use us as a reference, and best wishes for the years to come.

Sincerely, Tina G, Sun City, AZ. Ventana Lakes Senior Community
Dear Linda,

Following my recent hospitalization, I needed assistance in my home. I contacted Care From The Heart, among other agencies. Care From the Heart was the only agency that sent a representative to meet with me in order to determine my needs and address any questions and /or concerns my daughter and I had. They provided information about the caregiver who would be assisting me. Other agencies just wanted to send a caregiver without any screening or information about the caregiver.

I elected to use Care From the Heart as my provider and I am so happy I did. The staff they provided was very professional and prompt. She instilled total confidence and peace of mind allowing me to sleep peacefully. She was caring and very personable. She volunteered and performed light housekeeping chores and laundry so my environment was clean and neat.

Additionally, I was able to modify my requests for services with ease. I highly recommend this agency as a provider of home care services. If needed again, they’ll be the only agency I contact.